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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines

Polyethylene pipes

PE Pipes are modern plastic pipes made of low pressure polyethylene produced by the industrial method of low pressure ethylene polymerization. The raw material for production is polyethylene brands PE80 and PE100.

According to their varieties, the considered pipes are divided into two main types: pressure and non-pressure.

In terms of application, there are two types of pressure:
water pipes for water supply and sewerage,
and gas pipes for gas supply systems,
and pressureless only one type: pipes for technical purposes.

PE pipes are available with a wall thickness of 2 mm to 69 mm, and with outer diameters in the range from 16 to 1200 mm.

Also, low-pressure polyethylene pipes differ in a special technical parameter SDR (Standard Dimension Ratio – calculated by the formula SDR = dn / en), which determines the ratio of the outer diameter to the wall thickness of the pipe.

According to this value, there are the following types of PNT pipes: SDR6, SDR7,4, SDR9, SDR11, SDR13, SDR13,6, SDR17, SDR17.6, SDR21, SDR26 and SDR41 – the larger the value of SDR, the thinner the wall of the pipe.

In the direct production process, the PNT pipe is immediately marked with a colored longitudinal strip along its entire length.

It is important to remember that the blue strip has water supply pipes, the yellow strip is applied to the gas supply pipes, and the technical pipes are not marked at all.

We mainly produce black low-pressure polyethylene pipes. We deliver finished products in coils, in bays or in segments of different lengths, the form of delivery depends on the diameter of the pipes.

The main properties of PE Pipes:

-have high corrosion resistance
-have low thermal conductivity
-high resistance to aggressive chemical environments
-differ to impact resistance and wear resistance
-operation at temperatures from -60oC to + 60oC
-long service life of at least 50 years
-differ to impact resistance and wear resistance, not prone to cracking
-environmentally safe, do not emit harmful substances into the environment

Main advantages:

Polyethylene pipes weigh 5-7 times less than cast iron, steel and concrete counterparts. This factor allows you to quickly install and, if necessary, easily replace or repair damaged sections of the pipeline.

PNT pipes are produced with a length greater than metal pipes with the same diameter, which significantly reduces the number of connecting joints and reduces several times the accident rate in the pipeline system.

All low pressure polyethylene pipes are available with a smooth inner surface, which allows for a very high throughput of the pipeline for transporting the working medium.

Reliability and unpretentiousness of polyethylene pipes as they keep the properties and technical characteristics for all service life, and do not demand additional service during all service life.

Financial benefit, because the price of PNT pipes is much lower than the price of metal pipes, including the prices of many types of polymer products. Also, their installation and installation will be much cheaper.

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