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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines

Pipes for hot water supply and heating networks

Flexible heat-insulated pipes are designed for cold/hot water supply and heating networks (working temperature 95°С, working pressure 1.0 MPa).

Plastic pipe system based on PE-Xa structured polyethylene in a protective corrugated polyethylene sheath with polyurethane foam insulation. Applying an EVOH layer to the outer surface of the pipe provides protection of system elements from oxidation processes.

Self-compensating pipes, manufactured in long lengths, for underground channelless laying of networks.


– Diameters from 25/76 mm to 160/250 mm;

– Working pressure up to 10 bar;

– Coolant temperature not higher than 95 °C;

– The coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ) of the insulation is no more than 0.033 W/(m*K) (according to DSTU B.V.2.5.-31:2007).

Estimated service life is at least 50 years.

The estimated service life at the maximum parameters (Р = 1.0 MPa, Т = 95°C) is 30 years.

The warranty period of storage is 2 years from the date of manufacture.