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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines


The flange is bored (flanges for onboard bushings) is used in the installation of polyethylene pipes and fittings.
Installation of polyethylene pipes flange the connection is made by means of a sleeve (collar sleeve), which is welded to the end of the pipe
and is tightened by free flanges, also such kind the connection allows the shut-off to be connected to the pipe and other types of fittings.
Flanges under the plug are made on drawings and dimensions according to GOST 12820-80, EN 1092-1 with the only difference – internal the diameter of such a flange is slightly larger than those specified standards, which in turn allows you to combine flanges according to GOST and EN with bored flanges and connect fittings to them.