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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines

Thermistor fittings

Since 2007, we, the company “TerPolymerGas”, have established a modern production of thermistor fittings (electric welded fittings PNT) – a type of pipeline elements designed to connect low-pressure polyethylene pipes of high density (PNT) brands: PE-100 and PE-80 .

Electrowelded fittings have another name – electrofusion fittings, as well as fittings with a mortgage electric heating element. PNT thermistor fittings are made by injection molding or extrusion followed by machining, the raw material for production is polyethylene brand PE-100.

In the process of production in the body of the fitting lay an electric thermistor heating element in the form of a metal spiral or wire.

Installation by means of our fittings is carried out very quickly and does not demand expensive welding machines. Voltage is applied to the laid spirals, from which the inner surface of the polyethylene fitting and the outer surface of the pipe melt. The result is a strong, durable connection. Each fitting has a bar code that is read by the welding machine to automatically set the welding mode, which eliminates errors in the welding mode.

Thermistor fittings of our production are actively used by specialists in gas and water supply, the pipeline can be laid anywhere, high, deep in the ground, in water, in small rooms, and in any weather!

The main advantages of thermistor connections:

-tightness and strength of the system;
-opportunity to work in limited conditions;
-speed and its convenience;
-minimum cost of work.
– does not need expensive and dimensional welding machines.

Our production produces a wide range of thermistor (electric welded) fittings with diameters from 20 to 1600 mm:

-coupling PE100 and PE-RT
-reduction of PE100 and PE-RT
– knee 90 PE100
– PE100 plug
-saddle PE100
– PE100 branches
-head of the PE100 saddle
-insert with a mill of PE100
-ee equilateral PE100 and PE-RT
-tee equilateral PE100
– transitions of PE thermistor coupling steel

We use only high-quality raw materials and components: PE 100 brand polyethylene from well-known world manufacturers, heating elements of spirals of thermistor parts made of copper, chromium and nickel alloy.

We conduct pre-sale tests in our own laboratory. Therefore, we are responsible for the quality of manufactured products!