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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines

About company

TerPolimerGas is a Ukrainian company that established the production of thermoresistor and joint fittings for polyethylene pipelines on November 30, 2007.

Since 2017, a line for the production of polyethylene pipes for gas and water supply has been launched.

In 2023, the company began producing corrugated sewer pipes for non-pressure sewer networks from polypropylene.

Currently, the company specializes in pipes and fittings in such areas as water supply, gas supply, drainage (sewage) and heat supply.

Modern production, full technical support, wide assortment, quality, reliability, efficiency, price – make the products of the company «TerPolymerGas» one of the best in the market of Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria.

Today, the company has made significant progress in modernizing production and creating a modern laboratory, helping to develop innovative technologies and control of manufactured products. The fabrication shop is equipped with Fusion and Welding Machines to produce quality piping components. The plant produces ready-made pipeline designs to order, rents equipment for butt and resistance welding. And also offers installation services of pipeline systems.

“TerPolimerGas” guarantees the proper quality of its products and full compliance with European standards, as evidenced by the relevant conclusions of laboratory studies. The company has implemented and implements the ISO 9001 production quality management system. We use a laser product marking system. Our labeling is resistant to chemical and mechanical influences, protected from counterfeiting.

The quality of the product is achieved thanks to the use of modern equipment for monitoring production stages. All materials entering the warehouse of raw materials and components undergo incoming control.

Each manufactured batch of products undergoes a mandatory initial inspection for compliance with the requirements of the technical documentation. The selected samples undergo a full range of tests for compliance with ND: acceptance and acceptance, periodic, certification, qualification tests for compliance with physical and mechanical properties and resistance to hydraulic loads, before reaching the consumer.

“TerPolimerGas” company provides service, which includes a number of services:

– informational and technical support;

– warranty and post-warranty maintenance of welding machines;

– departure of a specialist, if necessary.

Our specialists participate in international seminars and conferences. We exchange experience with Ukrainian and European manufacturers of pipeline systems.

We thank our partners for the long and fruitful cooperation. We invite potential customers to visit our production, laboratory, and we are sure that our products will meet all your requirements.