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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines


Single pre-insulated pipelines with different characteristics for use in water supply and industrial networks.

Each pipeline has a tailor-made pipe, foamed PE insulation and an HDPE outer jacket.

The pipeline is intended for heat supply networks and hot water supply networks (working temperature 95°C, working pressure 0.6 MPa; working temperature 70°C, working pressure 1.0 MPa) It is a system of pre-insulated pipes, manufactured according to our own patent, which provides excellent thermal insulation conditions and reduces heat loss to 50 %.

Pre-insulated pipe consists of:

  • PEX-a SDR 11, SDR7,4 line pipe
  • thermal insulation made of closed-cell foamed PEX, non-absorbent, resistant to aging,
  • HDPE outer jacket.

The pipeline structure contains an air space between the pipe insulation and the insulation of the housing creating an additional thermal barrier and is sealed with a thermal plug. This design not only provides exceptional thermal insulation parameters, but also exceptional pipeline flexibility. A self-assembly thermal plug is included with the pipeline in an amount appropriate to the sections.

The pipeline is manufactured in accordance with PN EN 15632-1-3.

A quadruple pipeline means the lowest cost and heat loss! Check the advantages.