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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines


Polyethylene belongs to the group of well-welded materials, due to the wide temperature range of the viscous state (more than 70 ° C) and the relatively low viscosity of the melt.
We recommend welding polyethylene pipes in two ways – butt and thermistor (with embedded heating elements) welding.

Thermistor (electric coupling) welding, with the use of mortar heaters, is convenient for use in places with limited space, where it is difficult or impossible to place equipment for butt welding. There are no restrictions on the minimum diameter of the pipes to be connected. It can be used from the smallest diameters – 20 mm.

When welding pipes with fittings with embedded heating elements, the heating of the joint and melting of the material is carried out by a spiral of metal wire laid in the fitting, through which an electric current is passed. The pressure in the welding zone and the sealing of the connection is created by the thermal expansion of the pipe. To carry out electric coupling welding, it is necessary to have the electric welding (thermistor) coupling and the device for welding of polyethylene pipes by means of which supply voltage to a heating wire.

Butt welding is the main method of one-piece installation of polyethylene pipes, starting with a diameter of 50 mm. The choice of this value as the initial, due to the fact that the wall thickness of 50 mm pipes reaches 5 mm – just the value at which a reliable connection is guaranteed. The use of butt welding for pipes of smaller diameters is impractical also because in this way the formed inner lattice narrows the already small passage too much.

Butt welding is recommended to weld pipes with the same wall thickness. Exceptions are sometimes made to this rule. In this case, the pipe with a greater wall thickness is chamfered at an angle of 15 ± 3 ° to the axis of the pipe, thus providing the same area of ​​contact surfaces.

The essence of butt welding of polyethylene pipes is that melted with a heated tool, to a state of viscosity, the ends of the pipes are connected to each other under pressure and maintained in this position until complete cooling of the connection.
Our company “TerPolymerGas” is a direct importer of butt welding machines WELTECH and IFAT MAKINA from Turkey.