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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines

Terpolymergas Innovative solutions in laying a gas pipeline to Avdeevka

The supply of gas pipelines and Ukrainian gas is made more important and relevant for Ukraine. My maєmo thought and vivchati way of transport and transportation of the most important product, even in the minds of the present, if at the descent of many settlements, there are a lot of communes, and the alternatives to those who are “susceptible” to all. In fact, in 2017, the TerPolimerGaz company will reach the future of the gas pipeline from the GDS smt Ocheretina to Avdiyivka. The status of the new side-by-side gas pipeline was located at the connection from the company, while gas supply to low settlements was connected to accidents on the main gas pipeline. On April 7, 2017, as a result of the shelling of the boyoviks, the connection to the gas supply system of Mista Avdiyivka and the low settlements became.

The company “TerPolymerGaz” has announced a project to prepare the supply of gas polyethylene two-ball pipe “CordPipe”, and 315 pipe 11 SDR 8 064 m., 280 pipe 11 SDR 6 060 m., 225 pipe 11 SDR 1 06 m. For laying a gas pipeline. For the company “TerPolimerGaz” the task is to solve the problem, and a new type of pipe has been prepared for the future. Tse the first and the same single pipeline, mounting from a two-ball pipe. Thermal resistor couplings are also available from our “TerPolimerGas” software. The given pipe is more reliable and it is designated for installation and exploitation in hard minds. When the pipe is laid, it does not require sanding, but it does not need to be poured into the fluidity of the laying, as well as the cost of installation. Likewise, the two-ball pipe “KordPipe” has a great operating term, especially for the pipeline of such importance. For our company, the price of the most innovative and economically viable technologies and the victorious product of the European syruvin is kept up to date. Around the gas pipe The TerPolimerGaz Company is also ready to install a two-ball CordPipe pipe for water supply at one of the є a number of passes over the Zvichaynaya one (you can find out about the price on the company’s website

On the 24th day of 2018, on the day of Independence, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko saw the ceremony of symbolic start-up of gas on gas pipelines in a high vise from the GDS smt Ocheretin to Avdiyivka. Zagalna is connected to the new warehouse pipeline ск 14.124 km. The mill for 24 months of 2018 was connected to 5.5 yew before gas supply. happy. I’m hoping for a whole bunch of fruitful spices.