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Manufacturer of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Company "ТерПолімерГаз"

Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermosetting and joints for water and gas communications

Instructions Optima

Оптима-231 1 Welding Machine “OPTIMA-231” can work with couplings in diameters from d 25 to d 400 with the electric heating elements from different manufacturers.
Line display, character-based interface, memory welds, welds protocol in Russian, data transfer via USB, rugged, automatic data entry using the scanner as well as an emergency input manually.
Operating temperature range from -10C to 45C. Main Features: welding joints in diameters from d 25 – d 400. The amount of memory – welds. The interface is based on the characters. Line display.
Equipped with a scanner to read the bar code.
Manual emergency input welding code.
Data transfer using USB.
Metal transport box supplied.

The device is equipped with:
∙ Utility CD and a copy of this manual
∙ two pairs of lugs 4 mm. and 4.6 mm. for different types of contacts fitting
∙ Scanner
∙ cable for connection to a PC via RS-232
∙ adapter cable – to connect the adapter to the USB connector on the PC disk to install it

ОптимА-231 Инструкция РУС
ОптимА-231 Инструкция УКР