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Ukrainian manufacturer of polyethylene pipes, thermistor and butt connectors for water, heat, gas pipelines

PJSC POLTAVAGAS and LLC “TerPolymerGas” more than 7 years of trust and cooperation

PJSC Poltavagas has been cooperating with TerPolymerGas for over 7 years. PJSC “Poltavagas” is a highly developed production and technological complex with capital production bases, equipped with machines, mechanisms, the latest equipment. The company provides trouble-free transportation and supply of natural gas.

In the service area of ​​PJSC “Poltavagas” – 17 administrative districts out of 25, two cities of regional subordination – Poltava and Myrhorod. All cities and towns (9 and 18 respectively), more than 1000 rural settlements are provided with natural gas. The overall level of natural gas supply to apartments in the sphere of influence of PJSC Poltavagas is 87.1% (in rural areas – 76.1%, in cities – 96.8%).

The company provides maintenance of indoor equipment, gas distribution networks and facilities on them; performs current and capital repairs of fixed assets; provides gasification services (construction of gas networks, gasification of apartments, installation of gas meters and gas equipment, production of spare parts).

The company serves 19,988.94 km of gas pipelines, including – 12,535.68 km of distribution gas pipelines, 7,453.26 km of courtyard pipelines, 369,879 thousand apartments, 264,040 thousand gas meters. The latter are currently installed in more than 70% of gasified apartments.