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Производитель полэтиленовых труб и фитингов

Компания "ТерПолімерГаз"

Украинский производитель полиэтиленовых труб, терморезисторных и стыковых соединительных частей для водо, газовых коммуникаций


November 30, 2007 the Ukrainian company “TerPolimerGas” started producing electrofusion and butt fittings for polyethylene pipe. The main direction of activity – manufacturing and wholesale the products for the installation and construction of a polyethylen gas and water pipes, which combines electro and butt welding.

Modern production, full technical support, a wide range, quality, reliability, efficiency, price – making the company’s products “TerPolimerGas” one of the best in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Today, the company has made significant progress in the modernization of production and the creation of a modern laboratory, helping in the development of innovative technologies and monitoring of products. Factory for the production of electrofusion fittings equipped with the equipment of leading world companies: Arburg, Battenfeld (Germany), Billion (France).

TerPolimerGas” ensures proper product quality and full compliance with European standards, as evidenced by relevant findings of laboratory research.

Product quality is achieved through the use of modern equipment for monitoring production steps. Input control pass all materials which receive at the warehouse of raw materials and components. In manufacture use the high-quality raw materials and components: polyethylene grade PE 100 well-known manufacturers, heating elements spirals consist of an alloy of copper, chromium and nickel.

Every manufactured batch of products are subject to mandatory final inspection for compliance with the technical documentation. The selected samples passing the whole range of tests for compliance with the ND: acceptance testing, periodic, certification, qualification tests for compliance with the physical and mechanical properties and resistance to hydraulic load, before they reach the consumer. The warranty period of 50 years, after compliance with the rules of installation.

The company “TerPolimerGas” provides after-sales service, which includes a range of services:

  • Informational and technical support;
  • Guarantee service the welding machines;
  • Departure of the expert, if necessary.

We thank our partners for a long and fruitful collaboration.

We invite potential customers to visit our manufacturing, laboratory and we confident – our products meet all your requirements.