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Manufacturer of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Company "ТерПолімерГаз"

Manufacturer of thermistor and butt connecting parts for water and gas supply

“TerPolymerGas” at the “Aqua-Therm Kiev” in 2016

Ter-polimer-gaz--akva-term-kiev-2016-1On May 17-20 “TerPolymerGas” participated in the exhibition “Aqua-Therm Kiev” 2016. The exhibition is in the top 10 industry events in Europe, along with IFAT (Berlin), ISH (Frankfurt), Climatizacion (Madrid), Chillventa (Nuremberg) and it is one of the biggest events in Ukraine.

At the company’s booth, a series of seminars on the theme “The production, application and practical use of thermistor and butt fittings for gas and water communications, as well as a tool to work with pipes.” Also on the stand carried out practical welding plastic pipe 63rd and 110th diameters using thermo-welding machine “Optima – 231”.
A huge thanks to our friends want to express the company «Imest-plus» and personally Director Vasiliy Butin for providing a quality tool to work with pipes.

For four days, “Aqua-Therm Kiev” was visited by 24 129 specialists (27% more than last year), and was attended by 480 participants from 21 countries.
Ter-polimer-gaz--akva-term-kiev-2016-2Participation in the exhibition has opened up new opportunities and markets Agricultural Art sales for our company, as well as a significant expansion of the dealer network. Promotion of innovation in the market of Ukraine and foreign countries directly depends on participation in the events of this magnitude.

We value our customers, thank you for your long and fruitful collaboration.