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Manufacturer of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Company "ТерПолімерГаз"

Manufacturer of thermistor and butt connecting parts for water and gas supply

“TerPolimerGas” has been certified testing laboratory

17-proces-svarki-v-laboratorii 16 December of 2015   LLC “Polymer Group “TerPolimerGas” has been certified testing laboratory in state enterprise “Ternopol Scientific-Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification” and received a certificate of qualification. This document certifies that the testing laboratory of “PG “TerPolimerGas” meets the criteria and is certified to conduct measurements in the field of state metrological supervision.


19-ispytaniya-na-razryvnoy-mashineAreas of the laboratory – incoming control of raw material (granulated polyethylene PE and heat-resistant PE-RT) and conducting physical and mechanical testing of plastic pipe, fittings and components with heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT)




High quality laboratory measuring work provided by:

  • Qualified personnel competent in the organization, carrying out tests and processing results;
  • Inputs, process equipment, measuring instruments;
  • The use of modern methods of research;
  • Compliance with the conditions of health standards
  • The appropriateness of methods of research, the requirements for measuring instruments specifications and technical documentation which regulates quality requirements
  • System training to laboratory.



The main tasks of the laboratory:

  • Compliance with the high level of organization and conduct tests to ensure objective and reliable information on the status of objects of measurement
  • Parameter identification requirements of regulatory documents,
  • Quality control,
  • Stability control processes in mass production,
  • Quality assurance and good scientific level development processes and introduction of new models.