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Manufacturer of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Company "ТерПолімерГаз"

Manufacturer of thermistor and butt connecting parts for water and gas supply

Сompany “TerPolimerGaz” held a workshop

2October 13, 2015 the company “TerPolimerGaz” held a workshop on “Lviv Polytechnic Institute” in the department “Heating and ventilation” on the topic:
The application, the use and types of welding of polyethylene pipes.
In the theoretical part of the question have been disclosed
Plastic piping application for construction and repair:

  • Water (hot and cold water)
  • Pipelines
  • The distribution networks of water heating of buildings and structures

list-podyaka-pro-provedennya-semіnaruField of the compounds and the use of polyethylene pipe and PE-RT
Types of welding PE and PE-RT piping systems
The advantages and disadvantages depending on how the thermistor and butt welding
Possible errors and defects in pipe welding of PE and PE-RT
In the practical part the students were cooked several thermistor couplings.
The team, represented by Head of the Department of DVT Zhelih Basil Michaelvicha and associate professor of DVT Elena Savchenko expressed written gratitude for conducting workshop for students of the institute.