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Manufacturer of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Company "ТерПолімерГаз"

Manufacturer of thermistor and butt connecting parts for water and gas supply

In Shepetivka, Khmelnytsky region, the company “TerPolimerGaz” took part in the workshop “Introduction of modern technologies at small water utilities Ukraine”

May 24, 2016 in Shepetovka in the conference hall of the museum to them. Ostrovsky held workshop “Introduction of modern technologies at small water utilities in Ukraine.”

Participants of the event were welcomed by the mayor Polodyuk MI, Head of Housing Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Yaloha JS, Head of Ternopil Regional State Administration Utilities Olejnik MI, from the association “Ukrvodokanalekologiya” Zherlitsin YI

The workshop brought together almost all the water treatment plants of Ternopil and Khmelnytsky regions, and representatives of commercial partners, such as “TerPolimerGaz”, “Instalplast-XB”, “Nasosenergoprom” and others.

Organizations were held presentations of the latest technologies of domestic and foreign companies, shared their experiences of the enterprise of water supply and sanitation sector.

During the discussion, the basic problems of modernization of the small water channels are indicated ways of their solution and given priority in the directions of further development of water supply and sewerage sector.

After the seminar, the guests visited the sewage treatment plant and a laboratory for the control of sewage treatment Shepetivka city. Also, in an informal and friendly atmosphere were scheduled training seminars on water utilities to improve the level of practical training in the use of personnel, the use and types of welding of polyethylene pipes.