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Manufacturer of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Company "ТерПолімерГаз"

Manufacturer of thermistor and butt connecting parts for water and gas supply

Welding machines


Flange carved (flange spigot adaptor) are used for the assembling of polyethylene pipes and joining the armature to them.

Assembling of plastic pipe flanges are manufactured using the sleeve (flange spigot adaptor) which is welded to the end of the pipe and is contracted by disposable flanges, also this type of connection allows to connect to the pipe the locking tube and other types of armature.

Flanges which is fitted to the sleeve are made according to the drawing and sizes of GOST 12820 80, EN 1092 1. The only one difference – the inner diameter of the flange is longer than in the specified standards, which allows you to connect the flanges according to GOST and EN with bored flanges and attached to them armature.

Connecting welding machine WELTECH

Apparatus for welding of polymer pipes. Welding range from d = 40 to d = 1600 mm. (depending on the model). The welder can be used on objects that are being built in cold and moderate climatic conditions at temperatures not below 15 ° C.

Meets the requirements of safety of electrical equipment – 75.

– with a manual hydraulic unit;
– hydraulic unit with control unit;
– High degree of automation.


– centralizer (1 pc);

– header (1 pc);

– heater (1 pc);

– case (1 pc);

– removable liners;

– tool box (1 pc);

– Hexagon bolt for removable liners;

– hexagon (1 pc);

– a wrench (1 piece);

– working jacket (1 piece).

Warranty period of the welder is 12 months.

Thermistor Welding Machine “OPTIMA-231”

The welding machine has the ability to weld pipes and fittings manufactured on the basis of PE and PP in a range of diameters from 20 to 450 mm and more, for which the welding power does not exceed 2200 W (2.2 kW) at 39.5 volts set resistor is not fitting below 0.7 ohms various manufacturers.

Operating temperature range from -10C to + 45C.

Assessment of quality of interface with the ability to print the protocol of welded joints

Management of welding machine is carried out using a membrane keypad on the main panel of the unit, line display in the Ukrainian language.

Equipped with a scanner to read the bar code handheld and emergency input welding code.

Data transfer (protocol) via USB to your computer.

Metal transport box supplied.

The device is equipped with:

  • Disk Utility and copy instructions
  • two pairs of lugs 4 mm. and 4.6 mm. for different types of contacts fitting
  • scanner, bar code reader
  • cable for connection to a PC via RS-232
  • adapter cable – to connect the adapter to the USB connector on the PC disk to install it

The manufacturer provides a warranty of 12 months from the date of sale

Electrofusion welding machine can be operated and maintained only by trained and qualified personnel who have knowledge of welding techniques polyethylene and polypropylene pipes!!!